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  • Welcome to OzBcoz.com – Home of Jim’s Ukulele Songbook
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  • Welcome to OzBcoz.com – Home of Jim’s Ukulele Songbook
  • Ukulele Songbook Vol1 (March 2018) reloaded
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  • Ukulele Songbook Vol1 (March 2018) reloaded
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  • Sort Songs By Latest First
  • Limiting chord diagrams displayed on song
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  • Limiting chord diagrams displayed on song
  • New 2018 Songbooks now up on site
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  • New 2018 Songbooks now up on site
  • Search Apology
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  • Search Apology
  • Search Improvements
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  • Search Improvements
  • Celtic Guitar support added
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  • Celtic Guitar support added
  • Alternate Chord Shapes
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  • Alternate Chord Shapes
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  • ChordPro Files
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  • Christmas Songbook
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                            Jim's Ukulele Songbook
    		C – g C E A
    		D – A D F# B
    		Bb – F Bb D G
    	Baritone Uke
    		Std Guitar
    		Celtic Guitar
    	Tenor Guitar
    	New Songs
       		Welcome to OzBcoz.com – Home of Jim’s Ukulele Songbook

    Welcome to OzBcoz.com. This is where I  post new editions of Jim’s Songbooks (gCEA Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele, Tenor Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Celtic Guitar, Guitalele and Guitar).  The current editions are dated  March, 2018 on the cover page.    You can see all of the songbooks on the Songbook page.

    Read more Ukulele Songbook Vol1 (March 2018) reloaded ozbcoz 01/04/2018 Songbook No Comments

    Because I am stupid the new Volume 1 of the ukulele songbook was out of order for part of it – this has been corrected and re uploaded.  Please download a new version from Songbooks

    Read more Sort Songs By Latest First ozbcoz 29/03/2018 Songs, Tips No Comments

    With my songs I mark any new song in the Songs-new category. This means that you can select this category on the songs index page – http://ozbcoz.com/Songs/  and you will see all the newest songs. Now about a day after a new songbook comes out (as it recently has) the New Songs are reset and I start a new list of songs. This means that people aren’t able to find out what are the latest songs.

    So I have added a small feature that lets you sort the songs by either Song “TITLE” (default) or “UPDATED” (when a song was updated or added). This will show you all the latest songs and you can decide to download, practice etc etc.  Just click on the appropriate word in the link just above the string of letters (used to start at songs with that first letter)

    (I was asked for a multi-song download but I can’t see myself doing that to be honest.)

    Hope this is useful to you

    Read more Limiting chord diagrams displayed on song ozbcoz 28/03/201828/03/2018 Songbook, Songs, Tips 1 Comment

    Sometimes there are a large number of chord diagrams displayed on the page for a song. A lot of these chords are well known and are played often so it may be nice to remove those and so concentrate on the other chords. This can be done in 2 ways:


    Click on the Layout Menu item and then fill in the names of the chord diagrams you want to remove in the list under “Ignore Common Chords”. Press enter and then click on the checkbox just above the list. This will remove all those chord diagrams,


    Click on the Layout Menu item and then fill in the chord names of only those chords you want displayed in the box labelled “Restrict Chords Shown” and then press enter. Then click on the checkbox just above the list. This will only display the specified chords.


    This will probably reduce the number of chords for you. You can further tidy up by putting all the chords in one column (See Layout Menu item) and also maybe reducing the size of the chord diagram (see the Layout Menu item again). This will allow the song to spread into more space and maybe reduce some line breaks.

    Read more New 2018 Songbooks now up on site ozbcoz 22/03/201823/03/2018 Instruments, Songbook, Songs 9 Comments

    The new songbooks are now up on the site at: Songbook Page. Not a huge number of new songs – around 135 new ones but there has been a lot of tidying up with chords, keys, YouTube links etc. As always please let me know if you find any issues.

    I have added songbooks for all of the instruments: Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele Banjo (G), Mandolin, Guitar, Guitalele, Tenor Guitar Celtic Guitar.

    I have also uploaded Left Handed versions of each of these songbooks.

    On request I have uploaded a version of the Ukulele Songbook split into Vol1 (0-L) and Vol2 (M-Z) for those whose tablets struggle with the size of the full songbook.

    I anticipate I will bring out another songbook in 4 – 6 months.

    I hope this is useful – please let me know if you would like any songs included or if you find issues.

    The songbooks are also much more Cut (as in Cut and Paste) friendly so you should be able to cut out a song to add into another document if you wish (for inline chords only at present though on the web site)


    Read more Search Apology ozbcoz 27/02/201827/02/2018 Songbook, Status 3 Comments

    Through a mistake on my part the whole search mechanism on the site fell over and gave very erratic results. I believe it’s ok now – please let me know if there are further issues

    Read more Search Improvements ozbcoz 25/02/2018 Songs, Tips 2 Comments

    The Search box at ozbcoz.com/Songs has been improved. If you enter a text string then you can choose to use that as a fresh search (click on New Search) or to search among a reduced list that you have generated from a previous search (click on Search Songs Below).

    Also you can limit the display to songs with a maximum number of chords by using the drop down list below the Search Box and then clicking on Max. If you have done a previous search then the Max Chords limit will apply to songs found in that search. You can do multiple checks on chords and they will all apply to the previous search. This feature should be very useful for beginner groups to limit the complexity of the songs.

    To reset the song list simply click on Sons in the middle box and then on Filter.

    Tip: if you want to search for songs containing a particular chord for practice then you can use the chord in the search e.g. [Bm7] and then you can use the Max feature to limit the number of chords if you want.

    Hope that all makes sense

    Read more Celtic Guitar support added ozbcoz 31/01/2018 Instruments, Tips No Comments

    Hi – I’ve added the Guitalele (ADGCEA) last week and have now added the Celtic Guitar with tuning DADGAD.

    I still have to create all the songbook pdf’s and chordpro files for the Celtic Guitar – this will take a week or so and then I will need to update those songs on Guitalele and Celtic Guitar with tabs – so bear with me on that.

    As always if you see errors on chords or tabs then please let me know

    cheers Jim

    Read more Alternate Chord Shapes ozbcoz 18/01/2018 Instruments, Songs, Tips 5 Comments

    I have added a feature that can suggest alternative shapes for chords. When you open a song on the site then the chord diagrams will show (usually on the right of the screen).

    If you click on any of the diagrams then a window should open giving a number of alternative shapes for that chord. I have tried to ensure that they are (mostly) playable but they are calculated chords and so you may find a couple of strange ones in there.

    This should appear across all instruments

    If you find any issues or it doesn’t work for you then please let me know. This feature should be most useful I think 🙂  !!

    Read more ChordPro Files ozbcoz 12/01/201818/01/2018 Songbook, Songs No Comments

    Like a few different songbooks OzBcoz uses files in Chordpro (.pro) format to store the songs information (plus a stack of additional info in database files).

    OnSong, Songbook Generator and LinkeSoft Songbook are apps that also use .pro files.

    Up until now you could get the chordpro information by clicking on the EDIT menu option and then doing a copy and then paste from the EDIT window into your app. This could be a tad slow if you were doing a few songs.

    So you can now click on the ChordPro menu item on the Songs index page ( http://ozbcoz.com/Songs/ ) and a new index will appear of all the ChordPro files. Clicking on any of them will download the song into your download directory/library.

    If you are using an iPad and are using Safari with the OnSong extension (also works in Chrome and Firefox – but you still need the OnSong extension enabled in Safari) then you  should be asked if you want the song to be imported to your OnSong app.

    To enable the Safari extension then follow the instructions here:  https://onsongapp.com/docs/features/add-to/

    Let me know if you have issues 🙂



    For the .pro files I have turned the YouTube hyperlink into a text string as other songbooks don’t support the link feature on OzBcoz.

    I have also converted the greyed out (or Blue underlined ) instrumentals to have an “Intrumental: ” wrap as other songbooks don’t support the {sos} tag.

    I have left in {soh} – supported by some songbooks but not others (like OnSong)

    Whilst the .pro files are mostly the same across all instruments there MAY be some differences for some songs. For example if there are tabs. So make sure you filter for the instrument you want (default is gCEA Uke) when downloading (just like for songs)

    Read more Christmas Songbook ozbcoz 10/12/2017 Christmas, Songbook 6 Comments

    There are new versions of the Christmas Songbooks for Ukulele and Guitar up on the site. They add a few songs and fix a few errors.

    Go to Songbooks   to download


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